Beer & Butterfly

Season 2 Intro: "Raising The Bar"

June 09, 2021 Ian Kingstone & Jonathan (JP) Parnaby Season 2 Episode 0
Beer & Butterfly
Season 2 Intro: "Raising The Bar"
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The Beer & Butterfly is re-opening it's doors for Season Two and Ian & JP manage to catch up over their break.  This seasons theme is all about "Raising The Bar" and the hosts bring to life what the season theme means and also how season two is changing format from the first season, especially with some exciting people joining us at the table.  We hope you enjoy the changes we are making and continue to support us.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:17 - It's good to be back
  • 02:51 - What have we been up to?
  • 12:19 - Season Two - Raising the bar
  • 15:32 - Episode overview
  • 25:54 - Introducing the pub quiz
  • 27:04 - Pub quiz - Question 1
  • 27:40 - Closing the episode
  • 29:34 - Last orders

Ian Kingstone  0:00  
Well what you having then Jonathan,

Jonathan Parnaby  0:05  
pint please mate

Ian Kingstone  0:06  
two points please download.

Jonathan Parnaby  0:08  
So Ian, were's our audience sitting then?

Ian Kingstone  0:11  
over there, sat at that table over there

Jonathan Parnaby  0:13  
Oh, yeah, I can see them. Okay, well, before we go over there, what we're going to tell them,

Ian Kingstone  0:18  
we're just gonna tell them it's a relaxed environment where we can discuss, you know, all stuff around business transformation.

Jonathan Parnaby  0:23  
Okay, cool. So who's actually over there who have we got

Ian Kingstone  0:27  
its some executives, some professionals, a few consultants.

Jonathan Parnaby  0:33  
Cool, fantastic. Well, let's crack on lets get over there. 

Ian Kingstone  0:35  
Welcome to the Beer and Butterfly

Jonathan Parnaby  0:37  
a podcast where we talk transformation.

Ian Kingstone  1:03  
I'm Ian Kingstone.

Jonathan Parnaby  1:05  
And I'm Jonathan Parnaby.

Ian Kingstone  1:06  
And we're your hosts. In this episode, we introduce our second season, we're going to talk about the types of things we're going to cover in the season, and how we're gonna go about making it slightly different. 

Ian Kingstone  1:17  
So we're back, Jonathan. 

Jonathan Parnaby  1:19  
Yeah we're back. We're back again.

Ian Kingstone  1:22  
Yeah, it's good. It's good to be back.

Jonathan Parnaby  1:25  
Did you enjoy your break?

Ian Kingstone  1:26  
Oh, yeah. So relaxing. It was.

Jonathan Parnaby  1:30  
Yeah, the break between seasons, which is, is a myth for any podcaster to actually get the break, but it's all good. I'm actually really excited. I've been excited all day. Looking forward to just even recording the first episode, or even the opener of our new season. Right. I don't know about you. But yeah, it's just good to be back. It's good to have the mic on. It's good to have the headset on and start talking about things.

Ian Kingstone  1:57  
Yeah, it does feel a bit bit different. Actually. I don't know why it feels a bit different. I think it's because we're not necessarily on the same theme and things like that. So. So that's quite exciting. I think,

Jonathan Parnaby  2:08  
open territory, isn't that last time we were so prepared lower, this is the theme. This is what we're gonna do. Every episode was pretty much planned. And, and we just rattle through it. And we got through it didn't we and I think anyone who's listened to our retrospective kind of short episode at the end of season one will kind of know, we wanted to change things of this round this way round. Right. So and we'll get into we'll get into that. Obviously.

Ian Kingstone  2:32  
It's like the Wild West. Is that what you're saying? Yeah, go or something. In transformation.

Jonathan Parnaby  2:38  
It's gonna be chaotic but in a good way. Before we get into it, though, but let you know. We're back round the pub table. It's good to be back in the Beer and Butterfly. What have you been up to mate? what's been going on?

Ian Kingstone  2:55  
Yeah, i was dreading that question.

Jonathan Parnaby  2:57  
I can go first I've got lots

Ian Kingstone  3:01  
I've, what have I been up to, I've done it's gonna sound boringly similar to what you heard in the last season, to be honest with you, lots of movies, but no new movies, lots of repeat watching stuff that are still really enjoy. I've gone through the kind of Chronicles of Riddick season again, I've gone through Star Wars yet again, and the Rogue One and Solo and all that stuff. I tell you, what I have picked up again, is the Sonic Highways, which was a thing by the Foo Fighters where they went around the US and listen to different types of music and different types of cities and stuff. And then they made an ablum out of it now that I've watched that again, which is quite long when you start watching it as I bought it, I think of Apple a long while ago. I don't know whether you probably can get it now without having to buy it because it's a while old, I don't know. But went back through that. That was That was really good. I really enjoyed that. And then kind of started then going down the music road again of listening to, you know, different types of music. A couple of good albums come out but very rocky from my perspective. So I've been listening to music. Smith/Kotzen Have you heard of them? Adrian Smith was the guitarist in Iron Maiden. And Richie kotzen was another more bluesy kind of rock guitarist but they've done a joint album through last year well actually I think they finished it before lockdown started but or they finished recording it. And then they spent the year kind of putting it together but my kind of stuff it's not really like Iron Maider heavy metal, but it's kind of rock and that kind of stuff. Another band is very similar actually. We've been around for a long while Thunder and they had a new album All The Right Noises which I really enjoyed stuff like that really and then the rest of the time of Easter I went out my bike loads. did quite a lot of cycling

Jonathan Parnaby  4:59  
Was this your Christmas present

Ian Kingstone  5:00  
Yeah, yeah, getting good use out of it went across tracks across the Somerset levels mainly and around there. So try to keep off the road as much as I could and kind of go off road as much as I could or go somewhere by a road and then try and get home without going on the road, things like that. So not so much distance and time but just kind of trying to make it more exciting and, and then you find places you think are never knew this is this was here is right on my doorstep, stuff like that. So really quite enjoyable like cycle rides, which has probably been helping my fitness as well. Yeah about it really and working is the other thing. I've been doing lots of Yeah. Lots of work.

Jonathan Parnaby  5:41  
We have to do it that we. Yeah, keeps the wolves from the door.

Ian Kingstone  5:45  
So nothing like grandeur and exciting. I think the next exciting thing I've got coming up is and I think I mentioned this in season one was going to The Wave.

Jonathan Parnaby  5:55  
Yeah, yeah, they surfing place that but yeah,

Ian Kingstone  5:57  
yeah. So in a few weeks time as things are now opening up. I've got a lesson there with me and my daughter go the wave and give that a go. 

Jonathan Parnaby  6:08  
You know what Ian, I listened back to some of the old episodes. And in season one, I completely forgot we had that conversation until I listened to that conversation. Oh, yeah, I must do that. I must give that a go and check it out. So yeah, that's interesting. You brought that up?

Ian Kingstone  6:25  
Yeah. I mean, I think I think, Okay, you got to pay for it right. And you can get away for free just down the road for as we're very lucky where we live. But but at the same time, I also think beach beaches are going to be a bit busy this year. So I'm quite looking to get a kind of controlled wave to learn on. Yeah,

Jonathan Parnaby  6:47  
yeah, because it's predictable, which I talked about before. We know waves aren't but it helps you get the skills embedded, doesn't it? So

Ian Kingstone  6:55  
yeah, so what have you been doing?

Jonathan Parnaby  6:57  
Oh, prrrr a bit of this bit of that? Obviously, with the lockdown restrictions, easing up a little bit so we can actually meet people outside has been it's been nice ride because the weather's just changed, shifted. The sun started to come out. It's actually you know, got me shorts on, again wahey. And yeah, so just meeting friends, summer barbecues, going to the beach with the kids, you know, to standard stuff. So that's just been really, really awesome. And I think Telly, wise is it just being like you I've not watched those films. But I've been catching upon on TV. So I think I mentioned in season one about Disney+ is Wandavision, which is the Marvel kind of series they released I'm now watching the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Highly recommended, by the way. And yeah, so that's that's been been really good and interesting. And also Line of Duty, the last season six has been very gripping some kind of right in the middle of that.

Ian Kingstone  7:54  
We haven't watched any of those people talking about it. And I haven't watched any and I ought to start because everybody, everybody's talking about it I talked to and my wife watches it. And yeah, I'm not allowed to go anywhere. Move around the house at that time. Not allowed to disturb that programme

Jonathan Parnaby  8:12  
it's so intense, as I said before, but so yeah, the other thing that's been really good is, you know, I'm a nerd, and I do board gaming. And because we can meet up outside, we've been doing a lot of that, again, I'll say a lot. We've done it once since the restrictions have lifted. And for anyone who kind of think, what does he play? What kind of games does he play outside? So we actually got a game a Game of Thrones, the board game, right? And it's basically how to lose your friends in, you know, four hours.  It is like the show. So you're you're all kind of you have the board is basically a massive map of Westeros and Essos and then your play as the the factions that houses so Starks, the Lannisters and the Targaryens, etc. And essentially, it's kind of like a area control war game. And you're issuing orders to like your, your armies and stuff. It's all done in secret on the map. And you can kind of ally with people who say, yeah, we'll work together, we'll kick him out of there. And we'll do that we'll invade that place. And then you just get backstabbed all the time. And yeah, lots of

Ian Kingstone  9:27  
Politics and backstabbing, normal stuff.

Jonathan Parnaby  9:31  
You got to bribe people and say look I'll throw you a bit of this and and yeah, it's just great fun. You know, it's good to just be back and and be evil in a safe controlled way with your friends.

Ian Kingstone  9:46  
And so you've been safe and yeah, I suppose. Yeah. Safe and controlled evilness.

Jonathan Parnaby  9:51  
Absolutely. You got to have a little bit of wickedness every now and then as long as it's done in the right setting. Yeah, so that's been really, really good. Fun. But yeah, I was just yeah, looking forward to this year kind of hopefully optimistic about how things are going and I won't say I'm optimistic about my own holiday, but that's just a different matter. But optimistic just I think in general think the sun helps, right? Yeah. Yeah, changes you move. We're out of winter that was miserable. And we couldn't do anything can go anywhere.

Ian Kingstone  10:24  
I got flip flops on, like you said, i've got shorts and flip flops on tonight, which is, you know, it's not not been that way for a while. It actually made me think I need to new flip flops, but they go, yeah.

Jonathan Parnaby  10:37  
You got a beer in your hand haven't you

Ian Kingstone  10:39  
I have. I have Doombar.

Jonathan Parnaby  10:43  
Your old favourite? 

Ian Kingstone  10:44  
Yeah. Which is quite interesting, actually. Because I found a glass. That was Sharps. And I thought, you know, that's the wrong glass, but actually, Doombar is made by Sharps have managed to get the the right glass for the right drink. But I did somehow,

Jonathan Parnaby  11:00  
well done. Yeah, I'm drinking Superbock. So Portuguese lager. And it reminds me of a time when I was about 22. And I was an IT technician. And I went over to Lisbon to help cable the new offices for this very small debt management company. And we didn't actually know any suppliers or anything. We literally just filled this car full of IT equipment, cables, computers, monitors. This is when the monitors were those those blumming great big, heavy like bricks. Or we just had this 406 estate and we drove to Portsmouth got on the mini cruise to Bilboa in Spain. So it's like two nights of what else can you do but have a few pints? And then yeah, we drove over to Lisbon and then fitted out this this office is absolutely bonkers. You just wouldn't do it these days. 

Ian Kingstone  11:52  
Couldn't do it these days if you wanted to. 

Jonathan Parnaby  11:55  
Very true.  But yeah, it took two weeks. Well, we are two weeks out there. We got it done in about four days and to spend the rest of the time just enjoying ourselves, shall we say as young 20 year old kids do? 

Ian Kingstone  12:10  
Those were the day's

Jonathan Parnaby  12:12  
 Anyway, we probably should move on. Right?

Ian Kingstone  12:14  

Jonathan Parnaby  12:17  
So season two, what is the theme of our season two Ian?

Ian Kingstone  12:22  
Well, and yeah, we're gonna we're gonna raise the bar?

Jonathan Parnaby  12:27  
Raise the bar? What do you mean? What do you mean, raise the bar, 

Ian Kingstone  12:29  
we're gonna have a double meaning to this really, isn't it is it's it's about? How do we raise the bar in transformation. But also, we sat in a pub in our little podcast world. So yeah, so we're doing it both ways. But now we're really, really about looking at how can we help raise the bar and transformation? How can we make How can we help through this, you know, help other people look at how they do in their transformations? And how can we help them raise the bar? So that you know, not so many? You know, at the moment the majority are unsuccessful in in stats terms. So So how can we help try and change that statistic?

Jonathan Parnaby  13:14  
Yes, perfect. So I think I think we, we've mentioned this in the retro, right. So we wanted to get away from having a theme that kind of constrained the episodes and the content of the episodes. So we wanted to kind of like loose jam as I think you put it Ian

Ian Kingstone  13:34  
Very 80s, isn't it?

Jonathan Parnaby  13:36  
Yeah, showing your age. But it's Yeah, so we've thought, Well, so lets pick a theme, we can kind of link the episodes that we've got coming up to talk about. And we can kind of link it to that, but but also we can kind of be fluid with it. And if you want to change things around we can. And yeah, and I quite like that it's quite exciting, kind of not always knowing what we're actually going to be talking about in, you know, six weeks time. But yeah, so raising the bar, that's what our theme is. And we'll try and relate everything kind of back to that, but not be constrained by it.

Ian Kingstone  14:13  
And hopefully, we're gonna raise the bar of a podcast by having guests.

Jonathan Parnaby  14:19  
Yes, we've got guests, people, we've managed to secure. This is the bit I'm actually really like the most excited about like 100%. Like, we've been talking to quite a lot of people haven't we Ian about just do you want to get involved and some people have approached us, which is like, fantastic, right? Like, can I come on your show and talk about

Ian Kingstone  14:43  
....we've had loads? It's brilliant.

Jonathan Parnaby  14:44  
Yeah, like, absolutely, of course you can

Ian Kingstone  14:46  
We're happy to have more it's a pub right? It's until we're at full capacity. What can we do?

Jonathan Parnaby  14:51  
No, exactly. No, COVID restrictions in this virtual environment. But no, no, we've got guests and that's going to be really exciting to kind of have, you know, different people's opinions, viewpoints, and just generally chat about all sorts of stuff. Like we've got a load of things. So we'll, yeah, well, we can cover that. Now. We can kind of jump into it. But yeah. So if you're a guest, and you're listening, or you're going to be a guest listening, we can't wait to have you on the show.

Ian Kingstone  15:20  
Absolutely. Join us around the table, we're gonna have a good, good time and solve some transformation problems and raise the bar.

Jonathan Parnaby  15:30  
Absolutely. Cool. So what episodes? We got them? Like, generally and in the

Ian Kingstone  15:37  
well, you know where I want to start? I want to start with value. 

Jonathan Parnaby  15:40  
What a surprise? 

Ian Kingstone  15:41  
Yeah. Want to make sure we're doing something around value? And then I think, somewhere in there, we've we've Well, you tell me that I know there's an area you've been excited about as well.

Jonathan Parnaby  15:53  
Yeah. The one with our first guest is actually around procurement. And in linking in with us business transformation. And actually, I think generally, I'm excited because it's an area I'm involved in, in, in, you know, in the job that I do, I get involved in RFPs, and get involved in, in those kinds of things. But to actually have a procurement expert come on and have a chat about these are the kind of best practices these things you should think about when procuring these services and transformation. And kind of, you know, that whole synergy between the two can't wait, that's, that's gonna be a really exciting episode.

Ian Kingstone  16:27  
And hopefully, we'll have an episode around those unsung heroes that we, we use in most of the transformations that I've been on, in fact, all of the transformations, I think, that I've worked on this been Business Analysts in there, and we don't talk about that subject enough. But those those guys play so. So, you know, I think we should be doing something around that episode around that.

Jonathan Parnaby  16:55  
Yeah, I'm keen on that one, you know, my background. I was a BA, so probably had a hand in that one as well. But, but it's I think they are like the underdogs. And they do some fantastic work, business analysts, you know, a good BA is worth the weight in gold can get you through some really sticky situations to really know where we should go left or right. So yeah, I'm looking forward to that one. Yeah, the other episode, where we've got a guest is actually focused on the kind of SMEs, small medium enterprises. And how can we kind of help them scale up? And this kind of goes through know some of the languages we use, like, you know, business bingo, buzzword Bingo. I'm guilty of a and I know you're guilty of we do it. We we speak, you know, consultancy speak and actually, do we alienate some of our SMEs? And how can we kind of talk the right language? How can we, you know, provide the right services to help these businesses grow? and not have to kind of fork out for you know, lots of expensive consultancy work in the process?

Ian Kingstone  18:04  
Yeah. And I can they transform with with with technology, especially in my mind. Without Yeah, yeah. And steer clear of that big consultancy buzzword type stuff that? Yeah, we often do. So, yeah. What are the things? discovery?

Jonathan Parnaby  18:24  
Yeah, as a process discovery is more discovery is probably something that maybe isn't used loads out there. And maybe people just kind of just jumped straight in to make decisions. Sometimes you need to discover before you make a decision, and, and yeah, we want to kind of bring that to life 

Ian Kingstone  18:42  
is that other people might quit diagnostic or else but it's those types of things. 

Jonathan Parnaby  18:48  
Or value analysis, or 

Ian Kingstone  18:49  
Yeah, yeah, exactly. And it comes across in many different ways. So I think there's quite a lot we can cover around that at some point throughout the season.

Jonathan Parnaby  18:57  
Yeah, cool. So mid season break wise, we got something random. We got something random in the pocket. And we don't know if we're gonna do it yet. So I'm gonna probably skip past that.

Ian Kingstone  19:09  
That's actually really interesting point. So one of the things that we you know, we talked about in the retro of last season, but we are going to try few new different things this this season. We're gonna do some little testing on what works and what doesn't work. And yeah, some of them might not work. We don't know that, but

Jonathan Parnaby  19:26  
bear with us. And hope you come along with us for the ride

Ian Kingstone  19:29  
please, please, let's try. So let's see what what what lands and what doesn't. So we're gonna experiment a little bit, which I'm quite excited about, actually. 

Jonathan Parnaby  19:38  
Yeah, it's gonna be awesome. 

Ian Kingstone  19:40  
Well, hopefully we're gonna have a good long chat with another guest. Somebody who's very, very well known for business transformation and expert in it a bit, but maybe talk to them about something that's not just about transformation, but about, you know, scaling up businesses and using your expertise in a different way, and that kind of thing. So keep that one a bit close at the moment. But yeah, I'm quite excited about that. Because if we get that, that that conversation onto the podcast, that's brilliant because, you know, some real expert knowledge coming there, which is, which is perfect and right right at my street. I know that and I'm sure it's right up your street as well Jonathan

Jonathan Parnaby  20:25  
100% I'm really looking forward to that one, I think. Yeah, I think we're gonna get into some real meaty conversations. And I like I like listening to this guest anyway, and a lot of the things that he has to say so I think definitely looking forward to that, as well as our other guests. We don't favourite favour any guests over another.

Ian Kingstone  20:46  
Now we've got quite a few actually. Yeah, another one on gamification of transformation. Yeah. And we're looking with you know, the, we've got a guest there that and talk around that kind of subject, which I think

Jonathan Parnaby  21:01  
this picks on me like, you know, I'm game I talked about earlier.

Ian Kingstone  21:03  

Jonathan Parnaby  21:04  
I lvoe gaming. So I'm like, this is interesting night, how can you? How can you gamify change, how can you gamify transformation, and, and use that as a way to educate and get foster the right behaviours and teams. And yeah, so again, another one I'm excited about. But...

Ian Kingstone  21:22  
yeah, and this guest got a lot of experience in this area. So that's, that's brilliant.

Jonathan Parnaby  21:27  
Yeah. And then another one. Again, another one, I'm excited about them all I have to say, I'm looking forward to every single one, but one around, it goes back to the change management piece. But it's more around the psychology aspects and human behaviours. So all around negotiating change, and, and kind of using, you know, the right toolkits and helping to kind of facilitate the behaviours that you want to elicit out of those situations. And, yeah, again, looking forward to kind of getting into that, because obviously, season one was very much around practical application of change management. And we tried it, we didn't want it to be this is the process that you follow, and then everything's going to be right. I think we said that about 17 times throughout the whole season. But we, you know, I think in this one, he really just, we're going to dig deeper on those human the human psyche, the human behaviour, and the psychology and that that's interesting to me.

Ian Kingstone  22:24  
Yeah, and some techniques as well, which I'm really intrigued about, and really want to explore as well. And now I don't do enough of it in that kind of thing. So and then then we've got one of my favourite subjects is his transformation capability. And you hear me harp on about it quite a lot. I think Jonathan, you call it kind of the Lego bricks of transformation. But But um, yeah, the kinds of capabilities you need within an organisation to enable, you know, it takes different set of skills and expertise to change the organisation than it does to run the organisation. And that, that, that's a big thing for me. And it's where, quite often a lot of a lot of transformation programmes suffer. So really interested in that one as god they just keep coming. We've got low.

Jonathan Parnaby  23:13  
It's actually it's a bigger season, the season one, and fully packed

Ian Kingstone  23:16  
we could probably do a season on each one of these topics is going to be really interesting.

Jonathan Parnaby  23:20  
Yeah, it's a bit of a scattergun, and we're not gonna lie, right? We're covering a lot of things. But anyway, let's carry on. So the kind of the last, last episode, and these aren't in order, by the way, like, we reserve the right to move these around and do what we want. But yeah, the last one is kind of around strategy. And the kind of how important the importantly, the alignment of strategy, and, you know, the exec kind of group that that kind of level, and also kind of digging into some of the digital transformation, you know, wherever we work with businesses should be going on the offensive defensive for disruption. And yeah, kind of getting into some some of that. And again, I love talking strategic anyway.

Ian Kingstone  24:03  
So yeah, I had a conversation with somebody about that today actually, through work. And, and that, pretty much that subject to where it works, where it hasn't worked. And also, I could talk about it now, but we can't. But yeah, cart and horse or which way round things are sometimes driven from a transformation point of view. So loads of stuff.

Jonathan Parnaby  24:25  
We've got guests who kind of specialises in that space is going to come and kind of talk to the strategic stuff with us. Yeah, we're looking forward to that one as well. And then we'll end it over the retro right by like we did before, see if things we've tested and learn worked, see if they haven't. And we will take what we've learned and then see what we're going to do for the next season after that. So yeah, hopefully all excited about what we just kind of covered. I know I am and I know Ian is and yeah, and I just want to say thank you again, to anyone who's kind of listened to season one? It's this is so kind of motivating, it's so motivating when you kind of get that engagement from from people. And the emails and the comments on our LinkedIn page. You know, that we've got it's just fantastic, right?

Ian Kingstone  25:16  
Yeah, no, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm just not as good at getting to you beat me to the responses every time and then I look at your response and think you've nailed it, Jonathan. Like, damn, he got there again. But I think it's just I don't know he. You're on it. But 

Jonathan Parnaby  25:33  
I'm on it's just a tab thats open on my PC all day.

Ian Kingstone  25:37  
Yeah. I definitely one that's not on mine. guy. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, and but there's more to it than that, isn't it? We're gonna we're gonna, we're still gonna sit in that pub theme, aren't we?

Jonathan Parnaby  25:52  
We are we are. So we are going to this is one of our tests and learn things, right? So bear with us. We're going to introduce a pub quiz, right? We're in the beer and butterfly, which I'm going to point and the pub quiz is coming. So for every episode, at the end of every episode, before questions, we're going to ask a question, and then you won't get that answer until the beginning of the following episode. So it's a little bit of fun. So why don't you kind of come and join in with us? And yes, kind of see how well you've got see how good your general knowledge is. And I think, you know, some of these questions will be general knowledge. Some of these will be maybe business transformation related. Who knows? 

Ian Kingstone  26:34  
It's a pub quiz. Who knows

Jonathan Parnaby  26:37  
We don't even know. So we've got a, we've got a lot of learning to do. And I think we really want our guests to kind of get involved in this as well. 

Ian Kingstone  26:44  
Yeah, definitely 

Jonathan Parnaby  26:45  
come and bring some of their own questions. And it's a bit of fun. So on that note, then I know you have the first question. I have no idea what this question is let alone what and the answer could be some kind of playing along with you guys. 

Ian Kingstone  26:59  
It's it's certainly not a not a way back in history type of question so.

Ian Kingstone  27:06  
And it's a really short and simple one. 

Ian Kingstone  27:08  
What was the most downloaded app in 2020? So the most downloaded app in 2020.

Jonathan Parnaby  27:17  
So I'm not allowed to answer this now am I 

Ian Kingstone  27:19  

Jonathan Parnaby  27:19  
I've got to wait haven't I.

Ian Kingstone  27:22  
Yeah, I yeah. Yeah, you have

Jonathan Parnaby  27:28  
Cool. Well, there you go. That's the pub question for today. We'll answer it on our official Episode One of the season. And I think that kind of draws us to a close, right Ian I think thats...

Ian Kingstone  27:40  
that that's good. I think we've we've covered garrr, we got loads to talk about it. I'm quite excited now I want to get into it

Jonathan Parnaby  27:47  
We've got loads to do.

Ian Kingstone  27:49  
Yeah, but it's it's fun stuff. Right?

Jonathan Parnaby  27:53  
It is.  Yeah, guys get stuck in so anyway. Yeah. I think that's it. So we'll see you on episode one.

Ian Kingstone  28:00  
And yeah, and please, other thing to not miss out here is, again, this season, we want plenty of questions, any engagement that you want to do, whether it's for us or for our guests, please just, you know, contact us through the usual channels. And, you know, you'll be able to download through the normal places as well, but but feel free to engage with us, as we go through this this season. And give us feedback, as well. What's working? what's not working in your view? Yeah, and then how we can take some of that, but that do it? And we'll, yeah, we'll go. We'll, we'll I'm really looking forward to seeing how some of this stuff works.

Jonathan Parnaby  28:40  
Yeah. And I'd say, you know, if you've been following us, and you've been enjoying, you know, the content that we've been putting out, then, you know, we would love a review, we'd love that. We're not gonna keep asking, bothering everyone, every episode. But, you know, if you if you've got something out of it, we've completely appreciate that. That'd be great. And also also if you you know, as we said, drop us an email the emails and and that comes to me in and Ian we will be on that. Some of us quicker than others, right Ian

Ian Kingstone  29:12  
But we you know, and, and if you want to ask us a question, record it.

Jonathan Parnaby  29:17  
Yeah, yeah. We'd love that

Ian Kingstone  29:19  
And we'll drop it into the podcast in your voice and an answer your question, if you want to, hey, just just an idea. What, give us your ideas as well. Things like that. Love to hear them. Can't say we can do them all, but it'd be great to hear them. Yeah.

Jonathan Parnaby  29:33  

Jonathan Parnaby  29:34  
Let's see you on the next one

Ian Kingstone  29:36  
Yeah. Great. Thank you. 

Ian Kingstone  29:41  
It's last orders at the bar. So thank you for listening to the Beer and Butterfly. As always, we want to encourage participation.

Ian Kingstone  29:47  
You can get more details on the episode on our website, which is, thats 

Jonathan Parnaby  29:59  
You can get in touch with the show by emailing us on, send us your questions written or recorded, or come and join us at the table as a guest.

Ian Kingstone  30:10  
Also check out our Linkedin page Beer & Butterfly Podcast and on Twitter @butterfly_beer where you can engage with the show directly and get involved.

Jonathan Parnaby  30:10  
Yeah, and we look forward to seeing you at the table next time.

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