Beer & Butterfly

Season 2 Retro: Bringing in industry & domain conversation

August 18, 2021 Ian Kingstone & Jonathan (JP) Parnaby Season 2 Episode 11
Beer & Butterfly
Season 2 Retro: Bringing in industry & domain conversation
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Ian & JP meet one final time for this season and retrospectively review how things have gone before hanging up the keys and bolting the doors of the Beer & Butterfly.  

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:13 - We've crossed the finish line
  • 03:36 - Pub quiz - Question 11 Answer
  • 05:31 - What went well?
  • 11:38 - What didn't go so well?
  • 16:14 - What can we do better?
  • 22:14 - Season Three?
  • 23:46 - Hanging the keys up for summer
  • 24:27 - Last orders

Ian Kingstone  0:00  
Well what you having then Jonathan,

Jonathan Parnaby  0:05  
A pint please mate 

Ian Kingstone  0:06  
two points please landlord

Jonathan Parnaby  0:08  
So Ian. Where's our audience sitting?

Ian Kingstone  0:10  
there over there? sat at that table over there? 

Jonathan Parnaby  0:13  
Oh, yeah, I can see them. Okay, well, before we go over there, what we're going to tell them,

Ian Kingstone  0:18  
we're just gonna tell them it's a relaxed environment where we can discuss, you know, all stuff around business transformation. 

Jonathan Parnaby  0:23  
Okay cool. So who's actually over there who have we got

Ian Kingstone  0:27  
some executives, some professionals, a few consultants.

Jonathan Parnaby  0:33  
Cool, fantastic, well, let's crack on this guy over there. 

Ian Kingstone  0:35  
Welcome to the Beer & Butterfly

Jonathan Parnaby  0:37  
a podcast where we talk transformation.

Ian Kingstone  1:03  
I'm Ian Kingston. 

Jonathan Parnaby  1:05  
And I'm Jonathan Parnaby. 

Ian Kingstone  1:06  
And we're your hosts. 

Ian Kingstone  1:08  
So in today's episode is Season Two retro episode.

Jonathan Parnaby  1:13  
Ian, we've crossed the finish line, we finally made it to the end of season two, can you believe it? Like, honestly?

Ian Kingstone  1:22  
Were we the hare orthe tortoise?

Jonathan Parnaby  1:25  
I feel a bit more hare this season. 

Ian Kingstone  1:30  
That's good, because mine is going. 

Jonathan Parnaby  1:33  
But no, I yeah, I think it's just amazing to, to get here feels really, really good. I'm proud of, of kind of what we've done and what we've achieved. And I think when you compare back to, you know, season one, and obviously we're learning through doing all the things in probably the most inefficient way, and I think this season, it's been operationally a hell of a lot more efficient. 

Ian Kingstone  1:57  
Yeah, I'm a lot more comfortable with how operation is gone, we seem to, we've seemed to have gotten a routine that seems to get get, you know, those types of things done. And I'm really chuffed. We've got through two seasons, I wasn't sure how this was gonna go. If you remember, in season one, I really didn't even know. But I still don't like the sound of my own voice. But but it was kind of just felt like it. I don't know, it felt like I was cardboard in season one. And I've kind of loosened up and it's a bit more normal. 

Jonathan Parnaby  2:31  
it's definitely a lot easier. I find just just kind of doing this. And, you know, it's just jumping on talking. And hopefully, as listeners, you found that easier. If you compare that to some earlier episodes, you might find it a bit better, let's say wouldn't but you know, it was a new experience for both of us. But now it's just brilliant. 

Ian Kingstone  2:53  
We're kind of that kind of does a couple of things, doesn't it? For me, it kind of proves, again, again, for me, after many times I've kind of proven this is start doing things and tweak them and change them again to a place where they work for you if you want depending on what what you're out what your outcome you're looking for. But But you know, get get stuck in and get on with it rather than try and plan it to the hilt and then get on with it. And I'm not saying don't plan. I'm just saying going at it a bit more of an agile, get something out there and start building on it.

Jonathan Parnaby  3:27  
Get test, learn and iterate, isn't it? Yes, go out cycle, get better, get more efficient, and away we go. Anyway, we should probably talk about this forever. I think we need to wrap up our season two pub quiz. 

Ian Kingstone  3:40  
Yes. Yes. 

Jonathan Parnaby  3:42  
So the last question we actually got was from Scott Robertson. He was our guest on the last episode

Ian Kingstone  3:49  
Yeah. so desperate to know what the answer is for this.

Jonathan Parnaby  3:53  
Threw a curveball, didn't he

Ian Kingstone  3:55  
Well, thank you. And I said USA but remind remind our audience of the question.

Jonathan Parnaby  3:59  
Yeah. So he says what country has the highest density of tornadoes and as the keyword density of tornadoes? And actually, the answer is England, which was what the facts are the stats is that there are 2.2 tornadoes per 10,000 square kilometres.

Ian Kingstone  4:23  
Yeah. density.

Jonathan Parnaby  4:24  
And one there's 1.3 tornadoes per 10,000 square kilometres in the US. So yeah, England has a higher density, but you just think I think we mentioned the movie Twister.

Ian Kingstone  4:38  
Yeah. And it's Yeah, this size in this states is massive

Jonathan Parnaby  4:42  
I don't think it was said Somerset. Was it Twister from

Ian Kingstone  4:45  
No, but it could have been but it probably would have been a different type of Twister that probably involves spots on the floor and lots of alcohol.

Jonathan Parnaby  4:56  
But there we go. So now that wraps up the pub quizzes been a bit of fun, I think for the whole season and yeah, it's it's kind of hopefully gonna join the episodes together in a little little continuity way which also adds the continuity nightmares.

Ian Kingstone  5:14  
Yeah, it does. But actually it's not been too bad. I've quite enjoyed it. I don't I don't know how much it's bought new people into the pub. But but it's it's been quite quite a good fun thing to do wasn't

Jonathan Parnaby  5:29  
it? Did a little side hustle. That's been fun. But anyway, right. So retro, let's just get cracking straight into it. So, as always, what went well? What didn't go so well? And what can and are we gonna improve on? So what went well, let's always start with the highs. So I'm just going to jump straight in and say, guests.

Ian Kingstone  5:49  
I was just gonna, you got there before me.

Jonathan Parnaby  5:51  
Yeah, I mean, season one. In the retro, we sat at this very table. And we said, we need to get guests on the show, we need to fill that third seat at the table. And now that we sit here at the end of the next season, having achieved that with, I believe six guests, if I got that wrong, that's going to be forever immortalised in recording. But I believe, yeah, we've had a good number of guests across the whole season, which is more than half of the episodes. Was it six?

Ian Kingstone  6:21  
Yeah, I think so. I'm not gonna name them then. And don't miss anybody.

Jonathan Parnaby  6:27  
If I name them, I'll probably work out and go in order. But. But now just the fact that like, most of our episodes contain guests than episodes that didn't. And that's interesting. That's a massive achievement and just want to say a massive thank you to everybody who contributed and then gave up their time to come and join us in the pub. And and chat to us. Because it was brilliant

Ian Kingstone  6:47  
Yeah, me too. Delon. What, wow, it's for me, it's made the season, may you said it was what went well, but it's a highlight for me, to be honest with you. I still don't get me wrong, I still, like the episodes without guests just because it's you and I doing what we do, but but I really, I really think that having that other seat around the table, for me is the way the way it should be. And I enjoyed it, I've learned loads, which makes it really worthwhile. And it's made me think tremendously, you know, just having different kinds of conversations they wouldn't probably normally have. And variety and diversity across the subject if you want. So, so yeah, really good. Really enjoyed that.

Jonathan Parnaby  7:37  
And, you know, I know, I think because of, you know, the whole COVID situation, and the fact that most of us are working remotely and virtually and from home. It's just, you know, even our pub is virtual, but shhhh don't tell anyone that it kind of just brings that that little community aspect into into it, if that makes any sense. So it's kind of like you, you are just chatting about the craft. And and like you said, I've learned loads to some episodes where naturally, I've probably been more quiet, which is rare. But it's because I'm absorbing in like in the last episode with Scott was really interesting around the whole strategy piece and just focusing on that and just, yeah, just just kind of just absorbing and go. Yeah, got loads of really great points being made here. And yeah, actually come out if he wasn't there. Probably not. I don't know. But yeah, really great.

Ian Kingstone  8:31  
Yeah, no, I totally agree. I really enjoyed every guest we've had on and, you know, yeah. So need to continue that. Yeah, my view?

Jonathan Parnaby  8:43  
Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Well, so well, anything on your list?

Ian Kingstone  8:49  
And I think I think the episode, now this is gonna be I think I did this last in the last retro contradicting myself, but there must be something I do in retros. But I think having a having an episode on a question went really well. Really, really?

Jonathan Parnaby  9:10  
WellThat was Debbie's question, wasn't it? Yeah.

Ian Kingstone  9:13  
Yeah. And, and I don't know whether it's because we didn't have to think about it. Or, I think to me, it felt like a genuine subject that needed some talking about some kind of work on if that makes sense. So so I think that's why I don't know. I don't know. I just really liked that. I thought that went well.

Jonathan Parnaby  9:36  
Yeah, no, I mean, just to pitch in on that. I thought it was brilliant. And it is for the reason that you kind of stated it. We didn't plan that episode at the start at all. It just wasn't even in the list. And then the fact that you know a listener has asked the question got in touch via LinkedIn, you know, drop drop myself a message And kind of said, I've been doing some thinking I've been listening to, you know, to  the Beer & Butterfly, I've been doing some thinking about AS IS analysis and did it and it kind of naturally just created a, an episode. So what she thought would be a question that just probably gets bolted to the end, and we chat for two or three minutes. And I said, No, there's a lot more meat on here. And it just turned into a whole new episode. And the fact that we had the opportunity to do that was a real privilege. And I would love it. If we had a season that was comprised solely of debates and questions from, you know, all of our listeners, how amazing would that be? Just because it's then the topics are what you want to hear listeners, because you're the ones that are asking it, you're the ones that are directing our direction.

Ian Kingstone  10:46  
It's what we what we want, isn't it? And that's the whole purpose of why we're doing this is to talk transformation, like around a pub table, having a drink. And and just talking about our experiences, our thoughts, our ideas. So to get a question from somebody else in the pub, if you want. Yeah, who's joining us, and then having a good long debate if you want around it is exactly what was why I'm here. And I know it's why you're here. So So, you know, I think I think 

Jonathan Parnaby  11:17  
More please

Ian Kingstone  11:18  
Yeah, yeah, yeah, more of that, what's next.  Got anything else that went well.

Jonathan Parnaby  11:25  
There's loads I think I could pick but I think those are the two key standouts for me. So guests, and the fact that we had an episode created from from a listener, though, that's the perfect thing. So I think, let's move on to what what do you feel didn't go so? Well. I think for me, personally, I'm probably being a bit picky. We did a little bit of a gamble on our mid season episode. And it was just a little bit bit of a what we call it transformational speed dating, we had a number

Ian Kingstone  11:58  
that's on my list as well. So and we get ironically, we both feel the same way. Didn't work, Jonathan.

Jonathan Parnaby  12:08  
found out I didn't like it. But now I thought it'd be something that'd be quite interesting to do and try. And but I think in reality, as entertaining as it was doing it and actually listening to it. I just think maybe it didn't achieve what I have in my in my head, if that makes any sense. Yeah,

Ian Kingstone  12:27  
I'm not disappointed with it. I just don't. I don't think it. I don't I don't know. I don't feel it added anything. And if anybody's out there listening and felt it did, then please let us know. Because, because because I'd really like to know that you got something out of that. Because I don't know whether whether anybody would have that. I think that's how I feel about it.

Jonathan Parnaby  12:48  
Yeah, what lesson would you take away from that? Yeah, and I think, I think, reason, well, the reason why that existed in the first place I wanted to kind of bring to life usa bit more as hosts, as people as people in the pub. So you can get to know as more listeners, that was kind of the rationale, I think behind the episode, but the challenge when you do anything random, when you randomly generate anything. You don't always get what you you think you're gonna get, and you just get a bunch of stuff. And

Ian Kingstone  13:24  
I don't know whether I was saying things that people would really want to know about. And I'm sure I got much. I'm hope, I hope I've got a few more things about me that I would want people to know about me.

Jonathan Parnaby  13:34  
It got really morbid, didn't it

Ian Kingstone  13:36  
Yeah it did get really morbid

Jonathan Parnaby  13:40  
So that's, that's on my list. by you.

Ian Kingstone  13:44  
Yeah, I mean, that was that was on one that was one of them, for sure. And I think the other one, which I think you'll probably also have personally is, and this is the contradiction, but I was talking about earlier was, although we got an episode of a question. And we need more questions, I want more engagement. So that there we get an engagement with guests and things like that, when we are getting some questions. You know, we've had them mostly through but I want a lot more. I'd rather be shuffling through the later questions and trying to fit more in and doing two or three an episode to see what I mean. Because I just think, for me, that's, that's, I like to answer things. I like to try and solve things. I like to try and get into conversations and help people. And so so that's the bit that's I guess a little frustrating is not having a massive inbox always full the questions. regret saying that the day that we've got an inbox just piling out the questions and we can't answer them on it's too much that you know what I mean?

Jonathan Parnaby  14:49  
Yeah, I think we're still early days though, I think, you know, in our kind of podcast tour. So I think it's probably to be expected and that's not do anyone a disservice? You asked them a question and has contributed, which has been brilliant. But I kind of agree with you in terms of we need more, I think most podcasts will probably want the same thing. Can we get more? more engagement? Yes. Can we get more questions, that'd be amazing. But I think I would just love to do a pledge out to the listeners really. And just say if you haven't sent one, if you haven't kind of sent anything into the podcast, and have a little think and just pop something in, you know, the email and just drop us a line. We love it. Honestly, when that little notification pops up, and we get one Oh, my God, we got got a question from a listener.

Ian Kingstone  15:41  
don't and, uh, you know, we can call it anonymous, if you don't want to be named, or whatever. And if you do want to be named, we're more happy to do that. And I don't know, whatever you want. Really, it's for us. It's about getting genuine questions around this around the subject, that, you know, we'd love to think about and answer. And share.

Jonathan Parnaby  16:03  
Yeah, so that's, that's my pledge, or my pledge to the listeners, and hopefully your pledges back and sending those questions. But yeah, that I have that on my list as well. So let's let's move on to what we can improve on then. Starting with the question topic. So I think we started to dabble a little bit on polls. Some polls out there, I think we need to do more of that. I think we should just try and regularly get, you know, polls out of there. I mean, polls are diverse on some social social medias as well. So some people love them, some people absolutely hate them. So we need to be careful with them. But to the point where if you know, that if we put a poll out, then there's going to be some form of discussion or debate over them, then I hopefully find they're more valuable than just, I'm just doing it just to get clicks or likes. You know, it's not what we're after, is trying to get a sense of where people's heads are at. And therefore, does that make an interesting point? or topic? But you had an idea, didn't you? Yeah, I mean, it would be really good to do

Ian Kingstone  17:14  
There's loads going on. Everybody's, you know, most organisations are going through some kind of change or transformation at the moment. So you know, there's a lot of stuff going on. But there's some common things that kind of come about, it's like news, you know, there's some common things going on, kind of out there. for everybody. Yeah, I mean, I'll give you a good example, certainly for the last 12 months would have been COVID, you know, the last 18 months. And then there's other things when like opening up and stuff like that, and, and that's not necessarily transformation. But this this kind of things that happen on the street, if you want things that are going on

Jonathan Parnaby  17:57  
It's disruption, though, isn't that?

Ian Kingstone  17:58  
Yeah, exactly. And I think that that we could try and kind of answer questions to kind of what's going on at the moment and share our thoughts around that. That might not directly come from somewhere that we can kind of both of us work in the industry with both always doing things. So there is common things that may be timely, that I think we could start to debate around as well, as men. I think we do to be honest with you, in general, but I think more and more of a focused word on the street type, type. Question conversation piece leaving?

Jonathan Parnaby  18:39  
Yeah, so that this is, you know, news, I think we will have a little segment, I think in future seasons and episodes around the word on the street, which will sometimes take play no place of our general questions. So I think again, hopefully, we'll just mix things up a little bit it will..

Ian Kingstone  18:58  
Yeah, so it's more news, like, kind of discussion, question type thing?

Jonathan Parnaby  19:03  
Yeah, absolutely. I think hopefully, you'll find that engaging, and an interesting, especially if it's pertinent to your industry or sector. The other thing I think we can improve on. And again, I know we've talked about this Ian and no surprise is good having guests was brilliant. And I think if you look at our topics, broadly, across this season, they've been about kind of generic kind of things. So you know, aligning strategy, rather than as opposed to a specific industry or specific domain area. And as great as they are, and I still think we should continue to do that, and I don't think that should be our sole focus, as we've discussed before, so I think helping to try and get industry conversation happening more and also to understand what is happening in retail, what's happening in real estate, what's happening in insurance or whatever, and kind of bring out a transformational conversation in there with with guests, maybe guests and SMEs from those areas and come and join us at the table, too. And I think that's is so exciting that being able to kind of just really zone in on, you know, what's going on, what are your challenges, what's the pain points

Ian Kingstone  20:29  
But also is getting a bit more into the details. So we because we are, we do talk about things like we talked about change or value, or whenever it is very generic 

Jonathan Parnaby  20:37  

Ian Kingstone  20:38  
Yeah, yeah, exactly. And it'll be quite good to hone in on some very specific things. by industry or domain, like you say, in domain by like procurement, or finance, or, or manufacturing or something, you know, that kind of thing. And I think, I think, yeah, that that would be, that would be good. And I think, yeah, I also think then that, that gives people from other domains, information about what's going on in other people's domains, and that might be specific, and it kind of shares and helps you, you know, I see a lot as a consultant. And you do because you work across various different industries, we don't sit in the same industry very all the time. But, um, but a lot of people don't necessarily see that. And I think that's quite useful. And you learn from each of those areas as well, in that way. So so I think that's good. Yeah. Yeah,

Jonathan Parnaby  21:35  
we definitely have a, you know, in a privileged position to be able to kind of hop around industries like that, and have the, you know, experience to engage with various different people from various different industries or, or kind of general domain areas. And, you know, we could all think income people in our network that we could love to get on this podcast and love to get around the table and just, you know, pull that pint or have a beer, or wine, whatevers your poison. And just get into it. And, yeah, that is exciting. I think that's something I'd love to spearhead in our next season. 

Ian Kingstone  22:13  
Cool. Yeah. Sounds good.

Jonathan Parnaby  22:15  
Though. next season. Are we doing another season Ian?

Ian Kingstone  22:18  
Well, I don't see why not

Jonathan Parnaby  22:19  
I asked you last time. Are we doing season two Ian, yeah, why not?

Ian Kingstone  22:23  
I'd love to, I think we've got a list of people we'd like to talk to still. If they will. And so so. Yeah, after listening to this retro they might Oh God it's them two. But no, I think I think there's loads I mean, certainly not sure of people to talk to. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So I think we have a little break for summer. And for our summer if you want and and. And then yeah, i'm up for it whenever you whenever you want.

Jonathan Parnaby  22:58  
Yeah, so I think we're planning on having a little break. And Stein back up ready for the kind of autumn to towards Christmas run, as we call it. That's our kind of intention. We're not we're not saying any dates, for obvious reasons. But, you know, keep checking in on the social media channels on LinkedIn on Twitter. And you'll get all of the updates on things as we go. And like always, that probably be a little cheeky trailer that that goes out at some point. To clarify things a little bit, which are great fun to do. I'll be honest, that should be what goes well, I just love doing them.

Ian Kingstone  23:38  
Yeah, I think the trailers are real good fun, actually. Yeah, I think that's just because they're short and sweet and almost right.

Jonathan Parnaby  23:45  
Yeah. Cool. Yeah. Okay. I think it's time to get the keys off you to the Beer and Butterfly for another season, hang them up, bolt the doors and shut it down temporarily, whilst we're going on holiday and enjoy ourselves. So thank you for a great season Ian it's been

Ian Kingstone  24:04  
Yeah, thanks, Jonathan. really enjoying it? Yeah. Brilliant. Love it. Yeah. So have a holiday, come back. 

Jonathan Parnaby  24:12  

Ian Kingstone  24:13  

Jonathan Parnaby  24:14  
get there. But no, we'll see. See we won't see anyone. It's a podcast. But we learn. We'll hopefully get you listening again soon. So keep in touch.

Ian Kingstone  24:24  
Yeah. see you, bye

Jonathan Parnaby  24:27  
If you want to record a question for next time. Just you know, just we call that questions and it's our because we love to get people's voices on this podcast, right? Yeah.

Ian Kingstone  24:39  
Yeah, that's great. Sounds good.

Jonathan Parnaby  24:41  
Right. Alright, see you next time. If last thought is at the bar, so thank you for listening to the Beer and Butterfly. As always, we want to encourage participation. You can

Ian Kingstone  24:51  
get more details of the episodes on our website, which is That's

Jonathan Parnaby  25:03  
you can get in touch with the show by emailing us on Send us your questions written or recorded or come and join us at the table as a guest. 

Ian Kingstone  25:14  
Also check out our LinkedIn page, Beer and Butterfly Podcast and on Twitter @butterfly_beer, where you can engage with the show directly and get involved.

Jonathan Parnaby  25:27  
Yeah, we look forward to seeing you at the table next time.

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